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Turkey Breast Arayes

Arayes typically consist of ground beef spread over pita bread, grilled, and served with a side salad of vegetable medley. However, since I struggle to find tasty recipes that use ground turkey breast, which is an excellent source of protein and low in fat content, I created this recipe out of determination to find a staple recipe that satisfies both my health and heart.

This recipe turned out so good that I now always have a bag of it ready to go in the freezer. Plus, all the ingredients can be found at Trader Joe's! It's protein-packed, freezer-friendly, and easy to make. Also, it only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe

Why you will want to try this Turkey Breast Arayes Recipe? :

  1. Lean Protein Source: Ground turkey breast is a lean protein source, providing around 30 grams of protein per 4-ounce serving. This promotes muscle growth and repair, aids in satiety, and supports overall body function.

  2. Low Fat Content: Ground turkey breast is known for its low fat content compared to other meats. It's a healthier alternative to traditional ground beef, containing less saturated fat and fewer calories while still delivering essential nutrients.

  3. Fiber and Carbohydrates: The pita bread used in this recipe provides carbohydrates for energy, and if it's whole wheat pita, it will also offer dietary fiber. Fiber supports digestive health, helps control blood sugar levels, and contributes to a feeling of fullness.

Ingredients & Substitutions:

Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe

  • 1 lb. ground turkey breast

  • 1 tbsp. red pepper paste

  • Small bunch of parsley

  • Seasoning (7 spices, salt, pepper, and paprika to taste)

  • ¼ onion

  • 4 pita bread


  1. Ground Turkey Breast: If you're looking for alternatives to ground turkey breast, you can use lean ground chicken, ground lean beef, or even plant-based options like textured vegetable protein (TVP) or lentils for a vegetarian version.

  2. Red Pepper Paste: If you don't have red pepper paste, you can substitute it with tomato paste mixed with a pinch of cayenne pepper or paprika for a bit of heat. Alternatively, you can blend roasted red peppers or use harissa paste for a similar flavor profile.

  3. Parsley: If you're out of parsley, you can replace it with fresh cilantro or mint. These herbs will still add a vibrant flavor to the dish.


Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe

Step 1: Prepare the Filling:

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the ground turkey breast with the red pepper paste.

  • Finely chop a small bunch of parsley and add it to the turkey mixture.

  • Dice ¼ of an onion and add it to the turkey mixture.

  • Add the seasoning blend (7 spices, salt, pepper, and paprika) to taste. Mix everything together until well combined.

Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe

Step 2: Assemble the Arayes:

  • Carefully open each pita bread to create a pocket.

  • Evenly spread a portion of the turkey mixture inside each pita pocket.

Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe

Step 3: Grill or Cook:

  • Heat a grill pan or skillet over medium heat.

  • Place the filled pita pockets on the grill pan or skillet.

  • Cook for about 4-5 minutes on each side, until the pita is toasted and the turkey filling is cooked through.

Step 4: Serve

  • Once cooked, remove the Arayes from the grill pan or skillet.

  • Cut the Arayes into halves or quarters for serving.

  • You can serve them with a side salad of your choice, such as a vegetable medley or a simple green salad.

Enjoy your delicious Turkey Arayes with the flavorful onion and spice-infused filling!

As before, remember to adjust cooking times based on the thickness of your pita bread and the heat of your grill or skillet. Using a meat thermometer is recommended to ensure the turkey filling reaches a safe internal temperature of 165°F (74°C).

More about this recipe

Lean Protein: Ground turkey breast provides a lean source of protein, supporting muscle growth and repair.

High-Fiber: Whole wheat pita bread contributes dietary fiber, aiding digestion and promoting a feeling of fullness.

Vitamin-Rich: Ingredients like parsley and vegetables offer essential vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate.

Low-Fat: The use of ground turkey breast instead of beef results in a low-fat content, making the dish heart-healthy.

Balanced Nutrients: The recipe combines protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables, creating a well-rounded meal with a good nutrient balance.

Turkey Breast Arayes  Mediterranean Diet Healthy Recipe


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