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Mediterranean Diet Ground Turkey Kebab Skewers

Mediterranean Diet Ground Turkey Kebab Skewers Recipe By Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Maya Oueichek, MBA, RDN

This Ground Turkey Breast Kebab Skewers Platter is a great example of how easy and delicious healthy recipes can be. It's a great alternative to traditional beef kebabs and a great way to use lean ground turkey in a recipe.

As a registered dietitian, I can tell you that ground turkey is a healthy and versatile protein source. Here are three benefits of ground turkey:

  1. Lean Protein: Ground turkey is a great source of lean protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscles. It's lower in fat and calories than ground beef, making it a healthier choice for those looking to manage their weight and reduce their saturated fat intake.

  2. Nutrient-Rich: Ground turkey is a good source of important nutrients, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. These nutrients are important for maintaining healthy immune function, energy levels, and cognitive function.

  3. Versatile: Ground turkey can be used in a variety of dishes, from burgers and meatballs to chili and stir-fry. It's a great substitute for ground beef in many recipes and can help you reduce your red meat intake, which has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Incorporating ground turkey into your diet is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a lean protein source that is also nutrient-rich and versatile. Try swapping out ground beef for ground turkey in some of your favorite recipes to reap these benefits!





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